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New Album to Drop 2008! Tape only! Let’s get Buckminster Fuller on this beyayotch.



Zeroday Ascii #??? CRBS Nfo File

I’m not a huge fan of inversing (ctrl+i) the colors in photoshop to obtain the “notepad mode” (black text on white background) I achieved here, but I’m unsure how to do it otherwise. Pablodraw offers “notepad mode” to draw in, but not the option to save in high resolution. Acidview saves to png, but only in DOS mode (white on black). Hence, this kinda crappy conversion. It was a quick piece anyway, but I’m happy with how it turned out.


New Ascii: pLAN9 Mp3 NFO File

Well, it’s been awhile that’s for sure. I’ve been busy finishing up my degree and working my ass off being awesome. Here’s a new masterpiece. Enjoy, it’s a big-un.


zeroday ascii #3

I guess I’ve only drawn 3 asciis in the last 2 years. That’s a pretty good ratio. I think I’ll keep that pace up. BTW, this marks my 15th year drawing ascii art. LOL is me.

Here’s the newest one, if you can’t read it, then it wasn’t meant to be.

More ascii!

More ascii!


Enjoy, until the year 2010. DON’T DO DRUGS. Muah :*


Blogging, New Years Resolutions, and Productivity


To all the haters, hahahahaha. Nicely done.

I’m not the type to make a lot of New Year’s Resolutions ™. Even though I really should quit smoking, lose 15 pounds, and stop giving money to hobos, I’ve never put those things on a list and created firm deadlines. Commitment can be scary, and I don’t like to tie myself to one blood type, much less three nebulous goals. And as much as I’d like to contribute to Shapes’ fitness’s earning reports, I’m not ready to do that. Camel needs my money to pay all those artists who design their excellent “Designers Series” cigarette packages. I’m nothing if not a supporter of the The Arts. Lastly, I’m lying, I don’t give hobos money anymore. In fact, I’m pretty aggressive about this. I’ve even developed a whole deaf-mute routine where I pantomime and yell “No hablo Deutschlis!” to get out of parting with my sort-of-hard-earned-money.

I settled on a more vague plan this year. In reality, it only coincided with the New Year through coincidence, but I figured I might as well run with that and pretend it was all part of a grand Divine Scheme.

This year, I’d make the commitment to doing one hour a day of stuff that was directly related to “self-improvement”. As it happened, this started out with reading a chapter or two of an interesting book. I even have a huge stack of books selected for this purpose, and they’re all neatly lined up on my desk at work, where they are now mocking me.

Fun list of books:

 “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki (which someone got me as a very thoughtful Christmas gift, even though I assume it’s rather elementary material).

 “Home Buying for Dummies” by Eric Tyson (because sooner or later, I’m going to need to do this).

 “Men’s Health: Better Body Blueprint” by Michael Mejia (as it was already at my desk, and I’d forgotten I had it for at least a year).

 NOLO’s “Patent It Yourself” by David Pressman (no specific reason, but I found it at a thrift store, and in my experience, NOLO books are awesome).

 J.K. Lasser’s “Small Business Taxes 2007” by Barbara Weltman (see above. Even though its out of date, it was cheap, and small business taxes fascinate me).

 Sams “Teach Yourself Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 in 24 hours” by Betsy Bruce (I just realized this was written by a woman! I might have to throw it away, I don’t want to design websites about Cats or Gothic Erotica).

 The Motley Fool “You Have More than You Think” by David + Tom Gardner (Another wildly out of date edition. I think this one focuses on the late 90’s dot com boom! Nevertheless, a great book).

 “Quickbooks 2008 for Dummies” by Stephen L. Nelson (which I’ve had since QB2008 was released, meaning it’s out of date as well. And from what I’ve already read of it, it’s not very good).

 And lastly, my “Principals of Managerial Finance” book that I was *supposed* to read last semester for my introductory Corporate Finance class. However, that class was jam-stuffed with hours of lectures every week, and the book was barely opened.

All of this went well for exactly one day, and I have the post-it note bookmark in the Men’s Health guide to prove it. Then, right as school started, my company dropped an unannounced client on me with exactly ZERO forewarning. This client turned out to be at least as large as all our other clients combined. Needless to say, I haven’t had much time to focus on “me time”. Quiet baths, relaxing walks, obsessive-compulsive collecting behavior. It’s been rough.

We’ve finally gotten most of the preliminary work done, so things have slowed down a bit. Now it’s time to start focusing on this stuff again, and I’m looking forward to it. Although I guess I really should focus on what’s important for school right now: publishing more blogs about my blogging productivity!

And that’s a wrap!


Hidden Gemz: Ascii From Tha Vault #004

The following is something I drew not so recently – at least a year ago. It was intended as an NFO file for some cause or another, I don’t remember and it’s not important. I think they wanted something punk rock, maybe a skull or a demon, but they got this ink-blot doodle instead. Neither side of the bargain was happy so it’s unfinished, but essentially done. It will never be worked on again, and that’s OK.

What this piece kind of represents to me is a state of mind I rarely get the opportunity to capture these days. Back in the day, when I was young, drunk and carefree, I’d get hit with the spirit and work on ascii art for hours at a time. When things went well it was all an all consuming passion. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss that feeling of pure creativity. It was electric, and when things were firing on all cylinders I would be completely out of control of my conscious mind. My fingers would move possessed over the keyboard, and I’d place every singleascii character with precision. Shading, shaping, and styles were all things to be seriously studied, improved upon and challenged. I’d often wake from a trance in my smoke filled room, ashtray full on my ripped, folding card table computer desk. My ass would hurt from sitting in a steel folding chair. The heat from the 486 I used far too long warming me. Sweaty probably. Tired. Completely satisfied with life.

Pausing, and thinking about the lack of this presence in my life is sad. Maybe more bittersweet. I’m sure everyone of a certain age has parallels to the feeling. An occasional melancholic reminiscence of days past. It’s a feeling I can appreciate in a lonely, resigned sort of way.

Not to say I give up hope of returning to ascii Art as a pure form. For now, the occasional “commissioned” piece can be drawn fast, and usually simply. Effort is needed to complete the piece, but usually not drenching obsession. I have my wife, life, career and goals.

I’ve been listening to the rapper Scarface’s “The Fix” LP a lot lately. He’s always been one of my favorites, and I grew up listening to his solo albums and the Geto Boys stuff. He’s always struck me, and countless others I’m sure, as something of a spiritual man. When he’s expressing darker emotions, he has a finesse that transcends usual genre cliches and speaks a lot of universal truths. Not to mention his gravelly voice is a perfect instrument for lament. One track, “Someday”, involves his spiritual beliefs concerning God, creation and the idea of belief. It’s good stuff. It always is when he’s reflecting on these things. But if the subject matter had been different, I think the last line of this song would have caught my attention. With a simple couplet he captured the feeling I got, and get, when inspiration strikes. I doubt it will translate to text, especially without context, but here it is:

“And I was singing this morning, got touched by the spirit
So I wrote it down for the homies to hear it”

You can download the song here


The saturation isn’t quite the same as it should be when viewed in Notepad, but this is close enough I guess



Help me with photoshop

Your mission, and yt, ou will be forced, at gunpoint, to accept it is as follows:

Help me with Photoshop. Or if you’re a communist Gimp. Or if you’re ironic, MS-Paint. Whatever, I need to do a couple of things, and I’m much to busy playing the market to learn them myself. Time is money.

First, I want to get a better rendering of the header ascii/jpg I’m using on this blog. You know, the wicked ASCii one. Not only will a nicer looking render serve to make this, the most widely syndicated blog related to file_id.diz and .nfo file art, look cleaner, it’ll also help me pull underage hoes. Allow me to elaborate.

When (not if) one of you decides to help me, and makes a totally kick ass, anti-aliased, high resolution conversion of this ascii, I’m going to make it into a custom license plate for my new automobile (which may or may not be a 1982 windowless conversion van with an aftermarket ice cream truck sound system). Your art will undoubtedly be featured in rap videos as I anticipate my pimped ride being highly sought after as a representation of The Real.

The license plate will be Illmatic, So So Def, Fresh, Clean and Charged 2 The Game.

Second, I need to know how to convert white text on black background ascii (as seen in this post) into black text on white background. The infamous “Notepad Mode” so revered in the ascii community. I’m sure this is a fairly simple matter of reversing the pixel’s polarity without splitting their nuclei. However, I’m going to need assistance, for which I’ll be really grateful.

As a reward, here’s some Jeep Beat Music to enjoy while you rush to contact me.