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Chariots of ACiD

Something magical happened tonight during my semi-regular night time walks. Inspiration surged through me to the chords of Laura Ingalls Wilder audiobooks and I took flight. I soared for at least 30 yards. A good, slow fullback rumble. I had started running.

It’s been years, and years and… years since I’ve ran. I’m about to leave work or I’d write more about it.

Here’s the catch. All I have to judge my progress is a pedometer. It’s great for measuring my walks, but I’m pretty sure it won’t gauge running. At least without some pretty advanced mathematical trickery on my part (editing my stride length, running backwards 1/3rd of the time, practicing javelin). So, how do you literate athletes measure and judge your runs? Not your diarrhea, I’m pretty good with that. But your long, inspiring races on the pounding shores and concrete lanes? Help.

As a reward, here’s an awesome rap video from 1990.

I hope that video works. The uploaded disabled embedding. How RIAA of them. 8=D

Time to go home