Twittering and twhirling

Prelude: Tonight’s definitely “one of those nights”. Everything’s broken at work. I feel like I haven’t woken up yet even though I’m an energy drink and half a venti coffee deep. It’s almost 3am, my night’s close to half over. My eyelids are still covered in crust.

Body: At the recommendation of some friends, I’ve joined up to Twitter, and it seems pretty cool. It’s kind of like IRC, kind of like a message board, but not really like either. Mostly, it’s reminding me how out of the loop I am on these things. Five years ago, I would have been King Internet up on this twitter nonsense. Now, I’m just limping along. But whatever, if you’re interested in seeing my updates about getting coffee, scratching myself, or aborted haikus, check me out on Twitter. Codename: Asciigod.

I’ve also installed the Twhirl application. Again this is at the recommendation of friends. It’s sitting there idling on my home PC while I write this at work. What magic will it produce? Not sure.

Now I really need to figure out some useful apps for Twitter, like Rememberthemilk and that blood sugar twitter thing Steve showed me. However, I don’t have free SMS on my phones. Hrm. I’ve been thinking of upgrading to an iphone or something, but I’m not sure what kind of plans they offer, and how expensive they may be. Guess it may be time to find out.

Other than all of this, I’m feeling completely “soggy”. I really need another shower and a shave to help wake up, but it doesn’t look like that’s  in the cards for tonight. Too much to do at work.


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