Children, Augusten Burroughs. Similiarly overrated.

This is just a small update. Mostly, I’m concerned about my October archive being empty when this month scrolls by. I had a few ideas for posts lately, but with school, work and hustlin’ baby, I haven’t had much time for other pursuits.

My wife, the most awesome lady in the world, is having her 30thbirthday in a little over a week. I’ve promised her “30 days of Wendy” witha gift each day. Unfortunately, I don’t see her (working over night) enough to have made this a reality. However, there’s a large stack of presents waiting to be opened sitting on our coffee table. She’s even thrown a festive tablecloth on it, and named it the “Birthday Table”. It’s kind of like a Christmas tree, with less of a fire risk. I say “less”, because I have latent telekinetic powers, kind of like that girl in Firestarter. They tend to “flare up” if I’m separated from my computer for too long. That’s my story…

This weekend was pretty hectic. The end of the year is coming, and I found out I had two “Floating Holidays” to take, so I opted for Yom Kippur (bless you Jesus) and Columbus Day (bless you Jesus). It worked out to a four day weekend, which was nice. People seemed to sense I’d be around though, and we ended up babysitting our 2 year old niece while her parents “played hide and seek”… well that’s what we told her. Normally she’s a sweetheart, but I guess she was grumpy that night. Long story short, it made us question if we wanted kids.

Following that, I had to run around town picking up computer parts from The Thieves Guild in order to fix my friend’s computer. Dying harddrive. That’s still an ongoing project, only in that I’m lazy and would rather play KOL. It’ll get fixed eventually. He brought his kids over when he dropped it off, and it was the uppercut after the jab that was dealing with our niece. Kids… sigh.

Other than that, it’s been business as usual. I finished a book of essays by Augusten Burroughs titled “Possible Side Effects”, which wasn’t that good. I associate Burroughs with a former co-worker of my wife, who is pretty crazy, pretty addicted and pretty sad. It’s a fitting association, as she loves the author. I can see why, and it’s discouraging. To be sure, I watched “Running With Scissors”. It was also pretty horrible.


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