I Have No Mouth, But I Must Yelp

File under: Old News

There’s a friend of mine who lives in California and can keep up on the latest Karaoke happenings and restaurants with Yelp. I kind of imagine that in certain places (major metropolitan areas mostly), Yelp probably has a pretty active community. I envision people cruising in convertibles, checking their iPhones for the latest reports on what’s hip, hot and happening. Not so much here. Still, it’s a pretty good idea even if it has been done before in other forums. Unfortunately their doesn’t seem to be a universally popular tool of this kind on the internet. Yet.

Regardless, I’ve started posting some reviews for places in my area. Hopefully some people will find them useful and appreciate it. Later, I’ll have to do some digging around to see what people recommend in my area. A cursory exploration has suggested restaurants are popular here. And that’s about it.

So, I’ve updated my blogroll a little, and focused more on personal friend’s sites and myself. Goodbye Get Rich Slowly, I outgrew your training wheels.

Check out my Yelp profile here.


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