School and loathing

School’s started back up and I couldn’t be happier. This summer I had pretty much nothing to do but work, scheme and take care of doctor’s obligations. It was a real bummer man. So it’s nice to be back on campus. Even if I’m a dirty old man, I can still pass for a dirty young man. I get carded buying Depends.

My wife’s decided to attend my classes with me which is tight. It cuts down on the girl watching, but that’s OK, I feel creeped-out doing that anyway. A lot of guys are interested in younger women, but for some reason they’re usually not that appealing to me. I prefer my women to have been beaten down by life. Others see wrinkles, I see canyons waiting to be filled with fresh tears. Ego-trippin-son.

But nah, it’s cool to have my wife along. It gives us a chance to hang out, I imagine it’s going to be good for studying, and most importantly it wakes me up on time to get to school. All my classes are at night which is a bonus in that it also serves to get me geared up to tackle working when I get done.

Another rad thing is my new automobile. This is my first car with air conditioning. It’s also my first car that wasn’t produced in either the 80s or early 90s. Just barely, but still. It’s hard to stress how much less grueling commuting to school is in a car that (hopefully) won’t break down 3 or 4 times a semester. Fact: I have had AAA premium service just to safeguard against my cars breaking down while I’m on the road. Between my wife and I, we’ve used it EIGHT times in the past 10 months. That’s some bang for your buck. On a side note, eight is the maximum number of service calls two people can make over the course of a year. My timing, thank you Lord, continues to be impeccable.

My wife’s also enjoying getting back to school for personal reasons. She’s re-registered as a student, but hasn’t technically enrolled in any classes. She does have two undergraduate degrees (Spanish and Environmental Science and Policy), and works in her field. But she’s a woman of many interests, and wants to further her education soon. Nothing is concrete, but she’s been considering Engineering or Law. Either way, I know she will succeed at what she chooses; she’s a real smart woman, with a far greater work ethic and focus than I possess. So, yeah, this is getting her back on track with the schedule and routine of classes. I hope it helps her as much as it helps me.

What’s nice about this year is the books are cheap. I’ve been noticing a trend towards more online course material, which is great. Maybe it’s partially a product of taking upperclassman level course, which may be produced to be flexible for working adults. Mostly, it’s probably just the sheer convenience for the students and, I assume professors, to do a majority of the interaction online. Either way, it makes books a lot cheaper, and the content a lot richer. For a Finance class for instance, all of the text is available online with lectures, multiple practice quizzes, expanded materials, forums, etc, all of which can be taken at ones leisure. Working overnight, with a lot of downtime, this is obviously an awesome benefit for me. I realize this isn’t breaking news, but I’m glad it broke in my collegiate career.

Also, I’m trying out this Textbook Rental Service called Chegg.com (which is a URL strangely similar to a well known porn torrent site…). It’s for a math text, and it’s something I’m positive I won’t need once I pass the course. So using this site will save me around 80 bucks if I’d bought the text outright at a bookstore. Pretty nifty I think, we’ll see how the shipping time is. Apparently they also plant a tree for each rental, which is a nice gimmick, but completely secondary to the cost saving benefits.

.,-~~”( EDiT!!!) “~~-,. Chegg.com coupon code: LQ10 (5% off nukca!)

Aside from that, I’ve picked up a fun little web based RPG called Kingdom Of Loathing. From my short introduction to the game, it appears a lot like an oldschool favorite of mine from the BBS (Bulletin Board) days: Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD or, these days LOTGD). Essentially, you get a certain number of “turns” a day, which is really nice in lowering the addiction factor. I’m assuming games like World Of Warcraft are fun, but I’m worried I’d end up doing nothing else if I started playing. You use these turns to do adventure-y things, all designed around a warped sense of humor of puns, beer and bum jokes. The basic gameplay mechanic is great, easy to get immersed in, and thus far addicting enough.

I haven’t delved much further into it, but I’m seeing hints of MMORPG stuff like crafting, “meatsmithing” (don’t ask), clan gaming, etc. There looks to be a lot of depth to this crude game, but I’m sure that’s all been covered elsewhere on the interweb.

Not so long story made short: I like it. I would highly recommend it to anyone with similar sensibilities to my own, which, chances are if you’re reading this you possess.

Had a good holiday weekend (Labor Day). Fixed a friend’s computer which had the most viruses on it I’d ever seen. By a long shot. That including my sister’s computer when she was like 16 years old, and my mother in law’s computer who’s Internet Explorer taskbar looks like the interface to a supercomputer. It was a bitch, but that’s what the “computer friend” does I guess.

And now, back to work. Homework calls.



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