Help me with photoshop

Your mission, and yt, ou will be forced, at gunpoint, to accept it is as follows:

Help me with Photoshop. Or if you’re a communist Gimp. Or if you’re ironic, MS-Paint. Whatever, I need to do a couple of things, and I’m much to busy playing the market to learn them myself. Time is money.

First, I want to get a better rendering of the header ascii/jpg I’m using on this blog. You know, the wicked ASCii one. Not only will a nicer looking render serve to make this, the most widely syndicated blog related to file_id.diz and .nfo file art, look cleaner, it’ll also help me pull underage hoes. Allow me to elaborate.

When (not if) one of you decides to help me, and makes a totally kick ass, anti-aliased, high resolution conversion of this ascii, I’m going to make it into a custom license plate for my new automobile (which may or may not be a 1982 windowless conversion van with an aftermarket ice cream truck sound system). Your art will undoubtedly be featured in rap videos as I anticipate my pimped ride being highly sought after as a representation of The Real.

The license plate will be Illmatic, So So Def, Fresh, Clean and Charged 2 The Game.

Second, I need to know how to convert white text on black background ascii (as seen in this post) into black text on white background. The infamous “Notepad Mode” so revered in the ascii community. I’m sure this is a fairly simple matter of reversing the pixel’s polarity without splitting their nuclei. However, I’m going to need assistance, for which I’ll be really grateful.

As a reward, here’s some Jeep Beat Music to enjoy while you rush to contact me.


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