Hidden Gemz: Ascii From Tha Vault #003

Well, I guess this post is sort of late. There was a renegade demo party that just ended. If I had posted this two days ago, it could have been an advertisement. As it stands, I guess it’s a footnote. That’s fitting.

Anyway, this party was called RVScene. It was held outside of NViDiA’s major US demo party, NVScene. I’m sure it was fun, but I couldn’t attend. But I was there in spirit, with this pretty crappy, pretty rushed File_id.diz art I did for the organizers.

I’m sure I’ll have more news about it soon, when everyone “recovers”.

Truckin on down the line!

Truckin on down the line!

Note, it’s only about a 1/3 of the usable area of the screen because traditionally, file_id.diz files had a standard width of like 39 characters. So, I wanted to make sure it would fit in case, you know, someone decided to upload this to a Oblivion/2 BBS or something. Everyone needs download credits!

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