Turns out the economy is struggling. At least that was the word at my company’s quarterly meeting today. So bonuses are a no-go, which is kind of disappointing, but overall OK.

Working overnight, I usually don’t attend the company meetings and functions. They just don’t fit into my schedule very well. For instance, I went today, and now I’m completely and utterly exhausted while at work. But, on occasion, it’s worth the price. It’s pretty obvious that these meetings, get togethers, lunches and ping pong sessions mold the microcosm that is my corporate environment. Being outside of this has it’s benefits: freedom of work schedule, independance to focus on my workload as I see fit, etc. However, it obviously has its drawbacks: not knowing what the heck is really going on with the rest of the team. You know, the whole company minus me, that is working during the daylight hours and stuff. So, every so often it’s nice to bite the bullet, skip the luxurious post-work bubblebath, and come in to see how everyone in the team is doing.

We have a pretty awesome team and that’s cool. I work for a really good, “family” oriented company. In that regard I’m very lucky. Our top leaders are excellent, and have recruited a solid core of individuals to make things happen. The economy is struggling, but our business is doing well. And next quarter’s reports should bear that out nicely. I’m happy, even though I’m awaiting moving to day time either when school’s done, or they decide they want to woo me away with the big GREEN.

Another thing adds to my weariness, oh traveler of the seas. Yarr! (What?)

My mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and niece stopped by to use our swimming pool 6pm, which is roughly my 3am. It was disruptive, but it’s alright this time. My niece is an absolutely beautiful two year old little girl, and it’s really magical to get to see her learning about all the little things in the world. Like swimming, and splashing, and watching in wonder as some little boys did cannonballs for her. It was neat, even though it’s made me completely exhausted. Tonight I’ll take it easy.

Haven’t been very motivated to write lately. Have also been extremely busy, but that seems to always be the case.

I’m working on getting registered for next semester at school, although I’ve reached a “bottleneck” of sorts in my scheduling. There’s two classes I absolutely must take before I can finish up with my upper level courses. That’s crappy in that it’s slowing me down. It’s good in that I’m getting close to getting my degree (Finance).

Also, trying to get furniture. Sofas and stuff. It’s a pain in the ass, just like buying a car was. I hear horror stories of tremendous magnitude. Shipping that takes months. Damaged furniture. Exorbinant markups, crooked dealers, and little room for the average consumer to not get fleeced. I’m doing my best to counter these things, but again… the working overnight makes it more difficult. Patience.

Started writing a poem/rap. Opening line was something along the lines of:

“from holocaust to pentecost

I bend a cross, I’m Uri Geller

All’s fair in love and weather

when you’re the boss like Rockefeller”

But it was just a freestyle. Ephemeral, and laced in a 99 Altima to left-end FM transmissions.

My mind’s playing mixtapes on me.


Edit: Apparently spellcheck isn’t working here. CES L’V


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