It’s crazy. I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I last wrote on here. Life’s obviously been pretty busy, stressful, rewarding, and melancholy. It always is.

I got a new car. A new used car. Finally, after weeks of hustling, lining up loans, staying up til all hours of the afternoon, calling sellers punks, smashing my fist into doors and meeting people at Panera breads. It’s a 2000 Nissan Maxima. Average mileage. Luxurious air conditioning, leather seats, moonroof aka “bird window” and a blown subwoofer. The price was right, and the loan is manageable and will further build my credit. This is all good stuff. We already put 600 miles on it. That’s a bit extreme, but happy times call for long drives and cool night air. Baby baby.

Other things I’m trying to build: my apartment’s furniture. Status: standstill. I’m having a really hard justifying dropping a couple grand on a nice living room set from a major retailer. On the other hand finding a truck, searching Craigslist, and arranging pick-up with my schedule is near impossible. If it wasn’t so perplexing to not have furniture to relax in this wouldn’t be that important. I’m sitting in folding beach chairs. Something obviously needs to be done, but when? And what?

I’ve been trying to find good information online about haggling for furniture. I particularly enjoy haggling, especially on things that I feel I should be getting for about a fourth of the retail price. I.e. Furniture. Too expensive really. But there seems to be a dearth of information about this lost art, and all the google searches I’ve done for local furniture stores (supposedly better to deal with!) have yielded nothing but high-end furniture boutiques. That’s not to rule those out but… I think I’d rather have an actual house before magnificent furniture.

I found a futon in the dumpster at my apartment complex. It’s really ironic. I kept it and will be getting the mattress dry-cleaned (hopefully!) before use. There’s approximately 800 dollars saved on an office couch. Karma++

In related “finding stuff in the dumpster news” (wait for it…) my new computer build has gone critical. At this point I assume it’s a failed motherboard. That is a bitch and a half. I’ve spent the last three weeks trying to stabilize the system, port my applications – which there are a lot! – over to 64bit Vista, downgrading to 32bit Vista, messing with my laptop, blah blah, everything. It’s been a nightmare. On top of that I have a friend’s PC to fix, this PC I found in the dumpster that I have to password crack, an idling server, my old network storage box, my out of work HTPC, my laptop, and my old PC to take care of. Hahaha. Jesus. That’s a lot of spicy computers!!!

Three servers died tonight at work. Cause of death failed redundancy at the UPS level. We can save them.

It’s, been :]]~ crazy on the streets. ^_^


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