Wired: Renewed

Cleaning out my email, I stumbled across a renewal notice for Wired magazine. That’s kind of ironic. I guess I’ve had this subscription for a year already, and I only just started digging into these back issues. It’s good toilet reading for sure. It also goes well with cigarettes smoked on the porch. So yeah, I renewed. 7 bucks. Cheap!

Wired, as a reading endeavour, challenges the procrastinator within me. Each issue is a huge, daunting slab of text, graphics, and slick glossy pages. Until the past two weeks or so, I’d been scared to open an issue. It felt like trying to find my true love by randomly locating her name in the phone book. Before I got married of course.

Anyway, it’s mostly advertisements, and reviews of technology that’ll either ultimately fail to catch on, or at least be out of my price range until it’s obsolete. There’s also a surprising amount of information about ascii art. Apparently it’s big in Japan. More often than not, there’s also a couple of fun, breezy articles too. There’s like sun showers. Quickly passed, but got me wet when they were there.

Np: Random compilation of Z-Ro’s music. Posted awhile ago on CocaineBlunts.



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