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It’s crazy. I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I last wrote on here. Life’s obviously been pretty busy, stressful, rewarding, and melancholy. It always is.

I got a new car. A new used car. Finally, after weeks of hustling, lining up loans, staying up til all hours of the afternoon, calling sellers punks, smashing my fist into doors and meeting people at Panera breads. It’s a 2000 Nissan Maxima. Average mileage. Luxurious air conditioning, leather seats, moonroof aka “bird window” and a blown subwoofer. The price was right, and the loan is manageable and will further build my credit. This is all good stuff. We already put 600 miles on it. That’s a bit extreme, but happy times call for long drives and cool night air. Baby baby.

Other things I’m trying to build: my apartment’s furniture. Status: standstill. I’m having a really hard justifying dropping a couple grand on a nice living room set from a major retailer. On the other hand finding a truck, searching Craigslist, and arranging pick-up with my schedule is near impossible. If it wasn’t so perplexing to not have furniture to relax in this wouldn’t be that important. I’m sitting in folding beach chairs. Something obviously needs to be done, but when? And what?

I’ve been trying to find good information online about haggling for furniture. I particularly enjoy haggling, especially on things that I feel I should be getting for about a fourth of the retail price. I.e. Furniture. Too expensive really. But there seems to be a dearth of information about this lost art, and all the google searches I’ve done for local furniture stores (supposedly better to deal with!) have yielded nothing but high-end furniture boutiques. That’s not to rule those out but… I think I’d rather have an actual house before magnificent furniture.

I found a futon in the dumpster at my apartment complex. It’s really ironic. I kept it and will be getting the mattress dry-cleaned (hopefully!) before use. There’s approximately 800 dollars saved on an office couch. Karma++

In related “finding stuff in the dumpster news” (wait for it…) my new computer build has gone critical. At this point I assume it’s a failed motherboard. That is a bitch and a half. I’ve spent the last three weeks trying to stabilize the system, port my applications – which there are a lot! – over to 64bit Vista, downgrading to 32bit Vista, messing with my laptop, blah blah, everything. It’s been a nightmare. On top of that I have a friend’s PC to fix, this PC I found in the dumpster that I have to password crack, an idling server, my old network storage box, my out of work HTPC, my laptop, and my old PC to take care of. Hahaha. Jesus. That’s a lot of spicy computers!!!

Three servers died tonight at work. Cause of death failed redundancy at the UPS level. We can save them.

It’s, been :]]~ crazy on the streets. ^_^


Da Dirty 30


I just turned 30. I thought my birthday was tomorrow, but it’s today. Subconciously I was probably trying to put it off until forever. I sort of feel like a failure, and I’m probably already past the halfway point of my life. My mom turned 30 when I was 7. I remember her surprise party vividly. That makes me sort of sad.

When I got to work, I was greeted by the following scene:


There’s more pictures, but I’m too lazy to post them. Do these people work? I guess it’s kind of cool, but it was a huge mess. I appreciate the thought. What I don’t appreciate was that the weekend guy left me with close to ten broken databases, and two broken ftp servers. Happy Birthday!

I went to the coffee shop, the girls gave me a free brownie and said it was because I was hot. I didn’t mention my birthday. Becoming a 30 year old dirty old man has it’s advantages. Run from Daddy, into my arms, but bring me some brownies.


Flixster: Everyone Loves Shrek

Here’s some listening material while you put your pants on

There was a time, not so long ago, when I was on top of Internet Trends. Some of this was just because I was young, angry and full of energy to expend on completely pointless tasks. (Like this blog? Asshole.) But another reason was that I’d mine this log of URLs vomited by the zeitgeist for ideas to write about for this magazine I used to work at. Back then there wasn’t any Digg or similar sites to spread viral activity like the bathrooms at the Paradise Garage. You could actually get paid for finding stupid, marginally interesting internet memes and writing about them in a print magazine. Maybe you still can, but back then it didn’t seem like you were TOTALLY stealing money by just copying and pasting your browser history into a textfile and throwing your byline on it.

Since then, the internet has (d)evolved. Anyone under 25 with a passing interest in remaining “connected” is guaranteed to know what’s the hottest YouTube video of the moment. In fact, me even believing YouTube is still cutting edge shows how completely lame I’ve become. I’m sure there are dozens of more in-your-face, bleeding edge sites for people to get their LOLs on. When I visit 4chan or similar web forums, I’m literally lost. Clicking on links trying to find my way around makes me nauseous. Helen Keller thinks I’m a herb. Do people still even use the term “herb”? For reference it means “sucker duck”.

So it’s with equal parts excitement, interest and confusion that I joined Flixster. Flixster is a “social networking site”, you know, like Friendster or Orkut, oriented around movies. It’s IMDB with herpes, and I’m kinda digging it.

There’s some problems with it:

Everyone on the site is 13 years old and/or mentally handicapped. This means everything is either rated 5 out of 5 stars, or 1 out of 5 stars. There is no middle ground in their ratings. Luckily, these ratings tend to balance out, so you’re stuck with Citizen Kane and Batman: Ice Dude’s Revenge staring each other down at 3 stars. This is common on ratings based systems. People, in general, are horribly retarded and it’s a great thing that the most power we give them in life is the right to vote in elections and on internet movie sites. For now, voting requires leaving the house, this ensures politicians can sometimes build roads that just don’t go The Mall. But I digress.

You know what? I’m already bored with writing this. I was bored with the concept of Flixster two days ago, which was about 10 hours after I joined. Hahaha. Unfortunately I can’t continue this farce of a blog post. The end.

Here’s my profile.


Hidden Gemz: Ascii From Tha Vault #001

I had completely forgotten about this ascii. Found it while randomly surfing the interweb. Thanks to Lord Scarlet for his 16 colors site, where this was hosted.

This is what I’ll call a “Mega-Joint”. Strangely, the time stamp on 16 Colors points this towards being drawn in 2001, which makes sense with some of the imagery in the ascii (WTC Towers, terrorists, burning flags – Canadian ascii sceners were a notoriously jealous bunch). At this time, the ascii scene was already bemoaning the fact that it was “dead”. Yet here we see the output of five artists as we drew simultaneously in Pablodraw. Try getting something like that going these days.

For the record, and to answer the questions posed in the impromptu “chat area” at the bottom of the canvas, i drew the dicks. You’re welcome.

This is how we chill

This is how we chill


Wired: Renewed

Cleaning out my email, I stumbled across a renewal notice for Wired magazine. That’s kind of ironic. I guess I’ve had this subscription for a year already, and I only just started digging into these back issues. It’s good toilet reading for sure. It also goes well with cigarettes smoked on the porch. So yeah, I renewed. 7 bucks. Cheap!

Wired, as a reading endeavour, challenges the procrastinator within me. Each issue is a huge, daunting slab of text, graphics, and slick glossy pages. Until the past two weeks or so, I’d been scared to open an issue. It felt like trying to find my true love by randomly locating her name in the phone book. Before I got married of course.

Anyway, it’s mostly advertisements, and reviews of technology that’ll either ultimately fail to catch on, or at least be out of my price range until it’s obsolete. There’s also a surprising amount of information about ascii art. Apparently it’s big in Japan. More often than not, there’s also a couple of fun, breezy articles too. There’s like sun showers. Quickly passed, but got me wet when they were there.

Np: Random compilation of Z-Ro’s music. Posted awhile ago on CocaineBlunts.