Swedish rap: Sounds Jamaican?

I’m not exactly a huge fan of Swedish rap. Wait scratch that. Swedish “Hip-Hop”. I like Swedish movies, bikini teams and banking, but haven’t really had the urge to delve into their rap scene. So I was pretty surprised when a buddy of mine forwarded me this link to a rapper called Timbuktu. Actually, as I’m about to embed the video, I’m realizing maybe the main MC here is “Chords” and Tim is the guest appearing, black, skateboarding guy.  Black, skateboarding Swedes? Honestly, I have no clue.

Anyway, this is the kind of song that should make Dilated Peoples and the like embarrassed. Here’s a great example a couple of people to whom English isn’t even the native language taking backpack rap and dominating the crap American artists come up with. Not normally my style. And a couple of the rhymes choices are kinda dumb (ex: using the word “Apparatus” should almost always be banned in rap). But overall, pretty catchy, breezy, boomin’ and bappin’.



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