Super High Me: Decent

Well, it took a couple of daysbut I finally finished watching the pirated screener of the new Comementary “Super High Me” tonight. Starring Doug Benson as “Himself”, the film follows his Super Size Me homage to marijuana. The premise is to chronicle the events of 30 days without inhaling (marijuana smoke), then 30 days of constant 24/7 fo’shizzlism. Benson’s a pretty funny guy I guess. Something about the whole “Comedians of Comedy” circuit rubs me the wrong way, and I guess it’s mostly its reliance on cynicism and the gross-out that does it. Benson doesn’t really fall into this too much, and in the movie most of his standup is related to the pot experiment so it’s pretty tame by cutting edge Comedy Central standards.

The movie doesn’t prove all that much. In that regard it’s kind of like “Super Size Me”. But unlike its predecessor, it doesn’t really take itself too serious, which kind of makes what agenda it does have more palpable. I’m sure stoners and liberals and college kids will love this movie. A good number of reformed, responsible adults probably will view it with a certain favorable nostalgia as well. Me, I liked it even though I swear I see a certain horrible desperation in Doug’s eyes around day 6 of his smoking binge. And it’s a desperation that I can relate to too well sometimes, and that makes me uncomfortable.

For the 99% of people to whom that certain hitch won’t be a problem: I’m sure this is a pretty damn good party movie.

To me, it was just a decent way to kill a slow couple of nights at work.



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