Like a record, round round

I’m at work and my mind’s an absolute clusterfuck.

Moving has a way of blowing through your carefully laid plans like a tornado. My finances are all off, and I’m spacing out trying to get all our bills and records in order. Last time we moved, I was rail thin, weak and delirious about 90% of the time. Ok, that’s an exaggeration, but I can barely remember how we moved last time. Also, it turns out I got married two weeks after moving. What? Where was I?

Sure my wife will be happy to read that… ^_^

But this time, I guess things have been smoother. The costs of moving weren’t as crushing as last time, which is good. We had lots of help, which rules. Moving to the third floor has turned out to be great. You can’t hear people talking, yelling, or (unfortunately?) fornicating outside your window. The steps made it a bitch to haul up all the books and other clutter, but at least we ended up getting a 0-second garage at the moment of move-in. This ended up being a godsend, even if it’s now a lawless wasteland filled with piles of burning books, cyclops, and warring hobo gangs.

I spent tonight trying to upload pictures of my friend Rob’s son’s first birthday to Flickr. Unfortunately, I’m over quota. And it won’t let me sign in to access the “premium” content I so desperately need to buy. Not very good business acumen Yahoo. Guess that’s why Microsoft is trying to strong-arm their way into your executive restrooms. Oh well, I’m sure eventually I’ll get it worked out as I’d like to also throw some pictures of our new pad up there as well. It’s some pretty swank digs. Real aristocratic, man.

In other news, while updating my address at some places that hold my $$$, I decided to re-allocate some of my 401k earnings into an S+P 500 index fund. I hope the stock market starts taking a shit soon, so I can buy low and hold. Either way, it’s not that important at the moment. It’s funny though, I’ve become the De Facto financial adviser at my job ever since I wrote a scathing company-wide email about how our 401k lacked index funds, and how shitty that is. Well, now we have those options, and I get asked about it by someone about once a month. Usually, this just turns into a session of me saying “Well, I’m not really qualified to tell you what to do…” which is responded to with complaints about the price of gas. Pretty sophisticated stuff, I know.

Not much else going on actually. After Rob’s kid’s party I went to work, sat around exhausted, and came home and slept for 14 hours. It was pretty sweet.

And it was so, so quiet in my third floor suite at the top of the ivory tower.



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