Blockparty pictures (finally)


So I finally got around to putting up some of the (relatively) better photos I took at this years Blockparty on flickr. My camera’s not the best, especially at indoor shots. Maybe one of these years I’ll sit down, read the manual and figure out if I can set the shutter speed. Just turning the settings to “the little stylized athlete representing ‘action shot'” doesn’t cut it. Picassa was sort of helpful in editting these to be a little more presentable. Thanks Google. And by the way, since I know Larry Page and Sergey Brin are devout readers of this blog, and discerning textmode aficionados, I’d like to use this forum to thank and LOL along with them for their decision to offer the option “Make Google your default search engine in Internet Explorer” during the Picassa installation. Funny.

I didn’t take as many shots of the actual party as I did last year as I spent a lot of time with my wife, Wendy. It was half-demoparty half-vacation, and the vacation part ended up winning most of my SD card’s love. I figured Jason Scott and RadMan both had nicer cameras, plus they apparently hired a photographer for the event. Some guy in a ponytail and a disposable Fuji was walking around trying to get drunk girls to “make love to the camera”, perhaps that was him?

I’m not sure where all the other people have deposited their pictures, but I know there’s a lot out there. Can someone point me to a centralized location? Gracias.

The party was awesome, and I might write a little bit more about it soon. But until, enjoy the photos, and feel free to photoshop giant MS-Paint purple penises on them.

I know you want to.


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