Now that’s what the (CROCKER!) I call a Chemical-Reaction

Thanks to De La Carter for the title inspiration.

Apparently, we unfocused artists at cRO have decided to break the month (almost years!) long drought of releasing art packs and put out the cROYALe Ascii Pack #1. You can get it here.

What immediately strikes me is that this pack is the shit. Where all this art came from, I have no idea, but apparently we at cRO are in the unique position of having more then 1 active artist (hi Mimic, SAC, how’s it feel at the bottom?). And that’s really awesome. When I joined cRO a couple of years ago, I only drew newschool and oldschool (amiga) style ascii. Since then I’ve adapted to my audience and learned block, and its a natural fit. Some of the pieces of mine in the pack are old, but that’s ok. It shows my growth as an admittedly lazy artist. It’s also nice to see the work of others who are newer to the scene, like Zorro (who coincidentally beat me at BlockParty08, more on that later), and Zemra. I guess having a Z in your nickname is good for art. Much like alcoholism, synesthesia or a troubled childhood. Maybe I’ll have to adapt that.

Another noticeable thing about the pack is there is no viewer. Normally, I’m totally against viewers for textmode work. cRO typically releases all our packs with a viewer. The asciis are converted to jpegs and displayed through this VGA skin. The end result is “ok”, but there’s really nothing like seeing the work in its intended form. But what’s weird is the intended viewing experience of ascii art has changed so much over the years.

I started drawing on a 13″ CRT monitor. The characters in the ascii were packed close together. You’d get a good picture of how the shading of adjacent characters would effect the larger whole. It was sandwiched into a small place and easy to digest. Then I got a 17″ monitor and was absolutely shocked at how jarring the blank space between the characters was. I was perceiving ascii art in a whole new, horribly ugly way. But eventually, I adjusted. Now I draw on a 21″ monitor, in a windowed text editor with god knows what resolution. Most of my work is intended to be seen in notepad, which is literally a complete reversal of the “white on black” color scheme of the old DOS and linux FTP days. A universal viewer is needed. I imagine people in Korea opening up an nfo file and seeing my work transformed into Hello Kitty sinosign monstrosities. But honestly, I’m really too old to care about these details these days. It’s all academic at this point. There’s maybe 10 people in the world who are any good at this stuff anymore, and no one even cares. That’s ok. But the feverish 15 year old who started doing this almost 15 years ago (half my life? strange) would disagree.

Anyway check out the pack.



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