I wrote this beginning part when I was near death in the hospital.. I didn’t finish it until now. I’m kinda lazy.

The Ascii Gods are old indeed. Some of us lay here dying. I know I am, could be, should be perhaps. A man just vomited violently all over the floor in an adjoining room. It caused quite a stir. Strange that such a thing would cause so much concern in the early Tuesday morning in Intensive Care. But it did

I know we’re all animals of our routines. And it makes me sick a bit inside that my routines are all so deeply

rooted in a compulsive use of computers. I’ve given up a lot of bad habits in my day. Given up some good ones too. We forget about the ones we maybe shouldn’t have given up.

This blogs title is from a work of art one of my friends did once, long ago, in a medium far far away. At the time it was a comic piece, as much of that scene was. A simply drawn caricature of an Ascii Man pondering the incalculable answers locked within the single flashing cursor of his ascii drawing program. It was a joke – the intentional use of poor style from this master of his craft was hilarious. Dude drawing this is the best to ever touch the aciddraw.exe (next to me). So the novelty was there. But there was always something about that piece that resonated with me. To use the parlance of home and garden tv, it popped. I was that ascii man, praying in anguish to the ascii temple.

Picking up in the present.

Reading this earlier entry, it’s easy to see I was ruminating on death a lot, which makes sense. I find it pretty incredible that I’ve come so close to dying so frequently for someone so young. I’m glad I’m of rugged Irish/German stock or right now I’d be playing the harp instead of blogging. Or at least I’d be playing a wicked fiddle. But that’s all for another post (maybe). Introductions shouldn’t be so morbid.

I thought I’d try this whole blogging thing to see where it takes me. And for now, that’s really all I have to say.



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    April 25, 2008 at 9:01 am


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